Public Education


Tiny House Orlando is ready to attend your next speaking event or conference. Please contact us with the link above.

Tiny House Orlando will be hosting webinars to discuss some of the pressing issues on the minds of the consumer, taking questions, providing best practices and knowledgeable answers to your concerns.

The Tiny house movement is a lot more than just living in a small house. The movement focuses on creating a better, purposeful, and more meaningful life. 

  • Creating financial independence apart from form working only to pay bills. 
  • Downsizing not only home sizes but the stuff that does not contribute function to our lives.
  • Building sustainable communities with emphasis on environment, social and economic impacts. 

Consulting & Advocating


We have experts ready to engage with you or your group, to provide information on all the things that are confusing about the tiny house movement.

  • Allowable types and sizes of tiny homes - Tiny house on wheels or foundation tiny dwelling.
  • Home development and strategies,
  • Local tiny home builders. 
  • The difference between building and zoning codes and city planning laws  
  • Existing and growing tiny home communities in the Orlando area as well as purchasing and loan suggestions.  

Our members have an inside advantage to assisting you with your tiny house purchase. 

We have packages that range from a little help to fully decked out construction and delivery of your tiny house on wheels (THOW)

Community Projects & MeetUps


  • In addition to starting our own projects in the Fall, Tiny House Orlando will be lining up volunteer projects with local builders on actual tiny homes sold to buyers right here in our own community.
  • We are looking forward to meeting each of you, so remember to subscribe for the latest Meetup locations.
    • We're scheduling events in the community. Meetups is a great way for all of us to connect and discuss our ideas and opportunities. 
  • Orlando is a prime location to host our Tiny House Jamboree. This event will bring builders, owners and other like minded individuals together to converse with the experts, learn new TH products and services, tour tiny homes. Join our cause to help make this happen in 2018!

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